MUMYO recognizes the need to address the economic, social and cultural rights of the youth and children in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and other international covenants on human rights, proclaimed and agreed that every individual is entitled to all human rights and freedoms, without distinction of any kind, such as, race, sex colour, religion, political or other opinion or status.

MUMYO Youth EmpowermentSince its formation, the organization has been actively involved in a number activities aimed at promoting the rights and wellbeing of the young people including lifelong learning, HIV/AIDS awareness and counseling, training the youth in sustainable agriculture and business skills, lobbying and advocating for the orphans and vulnerable children.

MUMYO has also been able to set up and run an infant school in the names of “Suubi Nursery School”, located at Naggalama

The youth are a critical force in the development of any society. However, their efforts have underscored numerous obstacles to their active participation due to increasing poverty, unemployment, psychological problem and environmental resources. Experience shows that their particulars needs have been neglected by the authorities, giving path to uncertainties regarding their future. With the slow growth in the formal sector many youths are absorbed in the urban informal sector and It is estimated that the informal sector in Uganda employs about 87 per cent of the total non-farm economically active population. There is need to target the youth in rural development efforts to stay as rural development partners rather than resorting to rural-urban migration

Our programs are aimed at empowering the youth to take charge of their destiny and become the forces of social change. They are introduced to activities that help them gain self-esteem, believe in themselves, gain analytical and decision-making and general life skills.

Youth Empowerment Programs

·         Education – both formal and vocational training

·         Capacity Building and networking

·         Entrepreneurship and Leadership training

·         Peer Counselling


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