Over our 28 year history, we’ve transformed the lives of 2 million people

Over the years, we’ve worked in areas of Mukono, Kayunga, and Buikwe districts. We focus on housing rights, HIV/Aids intervention, Education, Child Protection, Environment, resulting in confident people in control of their own livelihoods and of their own futures.

Our Vision

A society with empowered young people, men and women, able to sustain self-reliance.

Our Mission

To promote Entrepreneurial skills development among young people, women and men through training and advocacy using human rights based approach.

Our Core Values

Our values inform how we behave: whether amongst ourselves, interacting with our supporters, or in delivering our work. Each team adopts the values and makes them more personal to the day-to-day jobs they do.

  1. Empowerment- building the capacity of young people, women and communities where they live to become self-reliant.
  2. Sustainability- of programs and projects.
  3. Participation- of all members in.

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