Mukono Multi-Purpose Youth Organisation (MUMYO) was founded in 1992.

MUMYO is a duly registered national Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) working in four districts of Uganda, forming the Greater Mukono Region, including Mukono, Kayunga, Buikwe and Buvuma, It aims to promote the rights and well-being of the young men and women, with emphasis on the marginalized social groups. Its vision is a society with empowered young people, men and women, able to sustain self-reliance.

The idea to start the organisation was conceived, by a group of seven, in response to the increasing needs and challenges facing the young people including poverty and its consequences, unemployment, HIV/AIDS, youth in crisis, such as, drug addiction, family violence and psychological problems. MUMYO also shares the idea that the young men and women are the leaders of the future generations, if nurtured well, they can become useful and productive members of the society. They are flexible, full of vibrant ideas and willing to learn, if properly motivated, guided and facilitated, they can help themselves and the other members of the society.

Whereas MUMYO started with only seven members, the organization now boasts of over 200 members located in different parts of its operational area. It has also grown into an influential organization in the field of youth, women and children empowerment and support. It has played a key role in sensitizing and inspiring the youth to lead development in their communities. Many youths gained useful experiences and skills in collaboration with other stakeholders. Some who started as orphans are now professionals and those who dropped out of school early got refers to life skills and other training programs.

MUMYO services have also grown to cover a wide range of programs that include, youths’ capacity building and training, advocacy and support of orphans and vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, safe water, hygiene and sanitation, sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and mobilisation of housing cooperatives and enhancement of lifelong learning. All this work is done though MUMYO’s youth interest groups at grassroots level.

MUMYO is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors including representatives from different target groups (women, youths). The program implementation team is led by the Executive Director, responsible for management of the day-today activities of the organisation, assisted by staff and volunteers. MUMYO also leverages the efforts of international volunteers that help to build the capacity of local volunteers and support the organization in resource mobilization.

Workplace and Inclusive Initiatives

Our programs aim to benefit the young people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or other differences. We are committed to ensuring an inclusive workplace for all staff, where diversity of person, thought and experiences are valued.

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