Young people need access to health care services that are sensitive and relevant to their health and development needs. MUMYO advocates for improvement and extension of health services, through health care systems and respective duty bearers using various interventions in HIV/AIDS, Sexual Reproductive Health, Menstrual Hygiene and Management, Water Sanitation and Hygiene.

1. Sexual Reproductive Health:
Promoting access to and utilization of friendly Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health services;

• Increase access to youth-friendly sexual reproductive health information and services.
• Support healthy sexual behaviors and decision-making among adolescents.
2. Menstrual Hygiene and Management
Many girls miss on average four days of school every month which is over a month in a year, meaning they fall behind in class and sometimes even drop out of school altogether.
The absence of appropriate knowledge on Menstrual management, safe sanitary facilities, like toilets, sufficient amount of water and soap, pads worsens the Menstrual Hygiene and Management among Adolescent girls.
At MUMYO various strategies are considered as below;
• Support adolescent girls by creating a girl friendly environment at school as they enter puberty. Through developing capacity of parents, guardians, community stakeholder in menstrual management cycle.
• Train Peer educators to provide education and counsel to the affected stakeholders.
• Promote sustainable access to sanitary products through innovations and skilling.

3. HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention
In spite of global efforts to eradicate the HIV/AIDS, the pandemic continues to be a development crisis in Africa, and Uganda in particular. The most affected group are the youth between the age of 15-35 who are supposed to take on the future demands at the same time HIV/AIDS is living behind many helpless orphans in pathetic health conditions. Statistics show that about 47 per cent of the estimated 1.8 million HIV/AIDS cases in Uganda are youth, with the females having higher cases of infection and more vulnerable than the males.

Health and Care Promotion

MUMYO aims to enhance prevention, mitigation and management of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections among the youth using the strategies below:
• Expand and intensify Information, Education and Communication for behaviour change.
• Support programs and activities for HIV/AIDS Counselling and Testing (H.C.T) Services
• Improve the livelihood opportunities for people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.
• Strengthen home-based care for people living with HIV/AIDS
• Support mitigation programs for Key population, orphaned & vulnerable children
4.    Water Hygiene and Sanitation.
Water, Sanitation and hygiene are fundamental to good health and make essential contributions to the quality of life and sustainable development including economic productivity, education and environmental protection. Uganda’s overall sanitation and hygiene coverage is 68%, 71% do not wash their hands after using the latrines and only 28% of Ugandans have access to hand washing facilities. This indicates most Ugandans are susceptible to water borne diseases. This is a serious health and economic problem hampering productivity and economic development.
MUMYO ‘s hygiene awareness and promotion activities mainly focus on;
• Water source construction and renovations.
• Promotion of behavior Change communication on water, hygiene and sanitation.
• Support adoption of renewable energy such as solar system, water purifier system, biogas, bio digesters for excreta management and better methods of excreta disposal.
• Support innovative technology and life skills training in communities.


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