MUMYO Child Sponsorship

Support a child

With a gift of 38€  ($45) per month ($1.5 a day), you can support an orphan in Uganda and give a needy child quality education, healthcare, housing, food, clothing, and a future with a hope. MUMYO has a number of children currently in need of sponsorship.  You can offer to sponsor one child or number of children of your choice. Please consider sponsoring a child with MUMYO in Uganda today.


Give financial donation

As a not-for-profit organization, MUMYO depends on donations from individuals, families, organizations, churches, companies, corporations and other NGO’s, to help run its projects and programs in Uganda.  You can offer to make a financial donation monthly, quarterly, twice a year, yearly or as a one-time donation by check, wire transfer or online via mobile money & VISA cards


Conduct a fundraiser

You can conduct a garage sale; organize a luncheon, design a T-shirts, stage an ART gallery or a BBQ event, bake a cake or cookies for sale, organize a “walk in walk out” coffee event, biking or swimming fundraiser, host a dinner or movie party, sale Arts and crafts, stage a fundraising music concert in your church where tickets are sold, etc.,   in support of girl-child’s  education in Uganda.

MUMYO Give gifts in kind

Collect & ship gifts in kind

You can help by collecting in-kind items of clothing, shoes, school supplies, bedding, computer equipment, audio/visual items, sports equipment, literature, mobile phones, musical instruments, vehicle, office supplies, Christmas shoes boxes, a warehouse,  nutritional food supplements, medical equipment, just anything that can be collected and shipped to help the children in Uganda.

MUMYO Volunteers

Lead volunteers to Uganda

MUMYO is seeking volunteer team leaders/coordinators who will help coordinate teams in their countries, communities, churches, organizations or colleges, universities. The volunteer team leader oversees mobilizing and recruiting potential volunteers, advertising, making travel arrangements with volunteers and making travel timetables in consultation with MUMYO.

Become a MUMYO Partner

Mukono Multipurpose Youth Organisation seeks to partner with like-minded private and public institutions from around the world for the purpose of fulfilling shared goals and objectives. 

We offer an ideal opportunity for; International NGOs, funding agencies, churches, foundations, universities, companies and corporate groups, volunteer teams, families, and individuals.

These are  involved in Research, community development programs and projects (Agriculture, Environment, Housing Rights, Gender, Health ,Education, Child protection, Economic empowernment, Reproductive Health) benefiting orphans and vulnerable children, youth and women in poor communities in Uganda.

Become A Proud Volunteer

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future. Help the needy, make a better world

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