MUMYO recognizes the World Declaration of Education for All (Jomtien 1990) that; “All children, young people and adults have the right to benefit from an education that will meet their basic learning needs in the best sense of the term, an education that includes learning to know, to do, to live together and to be. It is an education geared towards tapping each individual’s talents and potentials and developing learners’ personalities, so that they can improve their lives and transform their societies.”

MUMYO Education support

According to Education for All (2000) Assessment, significant progress has been made but more than 113 million children have no access to primary education, 880 million adults are illiterate, gender discrimination continues and the quality of learning, human values and skills fall far short of the aspirations and needs of individuals and societies. The youth and adults are denied access to the skills and knowledge necessary for gainful employment and full participation in their societies. Without accelerated progress towards education for all, national and internationally agreed targets for poverty reduction will be missed, and inequalities between countries and within societies will widen- (UNESCO/Dakar Framework for Action).

The organization aims to promote increased access to education and employable skills among the underprivileged young men and women by;

  • Providing support for specific interventions in the education sector, such as, student sponsorship programs for children without means to finance their education.
  • Support non-formal education programs for school dropouts and adults at lower level of education to be able to play active roles in their families, communities and the nation at large.
  • Promoting and supporting vocational education so as to prepare a solid and skilful human resource for national development.
  • Supporting girls’ education programs aimed at boosting the enrolment, retention and performance of girls in schools.

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