MUMYO Child ProtectionThe rapid growth of the HIV/AIDS virus in Africa and throughout the developing world has dramatically impacted the number of children who are newly becoming orphans. With parents dying at an alarming rate, children are left without food, shelter, education or protection. In Uganda, when a parent passes away, children are left with the family members. Unfortunately, most family members are unable to care for the orphans economically. These vulnerable children are often forced into lives of poverty, illiteracy, prostitution, child labour, drug abuse and heightened risk of HIV/AIDS. The organization provides care and support to the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s) by;

  1. Raising awareness through advocacy and social mobilization to create a supportive environment for the OVC’s.
  2. Ensuring access for the OVC’s to essential services including education, health care, food and nutrition.
  3. Supporting mitigation programmes, such as, orphanages, for orphans and vulnerable children.
  4. Strengthening the capacity of families to care for the OVC through economic, psychosocial and other support.

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