Water Point Renovation

Mukono Multi-Purpose Youth Organisation (MUMYO) carried out water source rehabilitation at Nyiize Wampewo village, Seeta Parish, Kangulimira Sub-county in Kayunga District. The water points for rehabilitation were identified during the Housing Cooperative meetings organized by MUMYO with support from We Effect.

During the facilitation, the Community Development Officer Kangulumira Sub-county Ms. Nabasirye, revealed that access to water in the area was a problem and the boreholes stopped working three years age. MUMYO staff reached the Chairman L.C1,  who welcomed them and led them to the water point (borehole) which has been down for more than three years.

MUMYO mobilized the community and sensitized the on how to manage the water points and the need to form water point user committees. After sensitization, the Water Engineer was invited to inspect the water point and to advise on what to be done to restore the water point. The community was again mobilized to clear the bush around the water point to facilitate the water point renovation.

The water source was rehabilitated with the participation of the local community who collected the material to use.  Today, the water source provides water for home use to over 100 households with over 300 people.


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