WASH Campaign

Home Improvement Campaign

In partnership with Shelter and Settlement Alternatives – Uganda Human Settlement Network (SSA-UHSNET), MUMYO conducted Home Improvement Campaign through Hygiene and Sanitation Management, held on 3rd September 2016 at Kalagi Trading Centre. The campaign was aimed at improving water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) activities in communities in Nabbale and Kyampisi sub-counties in Mukono District.

Kalagi Town is located 39km North East of Kampala, at the junction of Mukono Kayunga Gayaza roads. It has four villages of Kakoola, Kalagi, Kirwanya Muli (Kampisi Sub County) and Kalagi (Nabbale Sub-County) and it is a busy growing centre with an estimated population of five thousand people, The main activities engaged in by the population include whole sale and retail businesses selling of food staff, Boda –boda cycling.

Clean Up
The cleaning up exercise started by holding meeting with the stakeholders(LC 1leaders and others) for purposes of planning and mobilization of people for the cleanup. The mobilization was done through invitation letters to the District officials, Local radios, mega phone and door to door mobilization was done. The District chairperson was invited as the chief guest. Kalagi clean up started at 9:00 am with the arrival of community members, pupils, local leaders from both Kyampisi and Nabbale sub-counties.

There was a briefing by the Coordinator MUMYO who talked about the objectives of the activity which included:-

  • To sensitize and establish community water, sanitation and hygiene committees
  • To mobilize and sensitize the communities to adopt the basic WASH recommended good practices.
  • To provide a plat form to lobby for increased support for WASH facilities and enhance partners visibility in this sector.
  • To officially handover the water sources in wabikokoma and Kalagi to local authorities and Water user Committees.

This was followed grouping  participants into three main groups of cleaners and the giving out of tools which included 10 hoes, 10 spades, 20 slashers, 50 reflector jackets, 10 rakes,  20 brooms and two wheel barrows and gloves. During the cleaning most homes participated by cleaning their compounds yet the invited guest, MUMYO and SSA – UHSNET, Police officers, the Local government staff and other local leaders concentrated on cleaning up the main town centre including the  Boda-boda stages, Taxi stages, Gonja and Mchomo roasting places and the busy business streets. Indeed garbage had accumulated at the Gonja roasting centre, the trenches in the centre with plastic bottles, and polythene bags. Nine trips of garbage estimated of 20 tonnes was collected and dumped three kilometers away from the centre.

After the cleaning participants re-assembled and the chairperson Kalagi (Kyampisi) gave official opening remarks. He thanked MUMYO, SSA-USHNET and other partners for being the eye openers for WASH in bad state. The Chairperson MUMYO Ms. Joyce  Aliguminkiriza also talked to the participants sighting that this was not the first time MUMYO was holding a cleanup exercise as it has ever cleaned up Naggalama and Nakifuma Trading centres. The police officer who represented the DPC Naggalama Police Division with other seven police officers called upon community member to always be conscious of their security. He further noted that community should act as watch dogs for their neighbours for any wrong doings to notify Police.

Health Talk
The Health assistant Nabbale Ms. Mugeni Elizabeth held a training on the basic sanitation and hygiene good practices including hand washing at critical times to avoid contaminating food, gabbage management and fecal disposal .She further demonstrated how to make a tippy tap

The Executive Director SSA-UHSNET, briefly explained, SSA-UHSNET as a network organization and MUMYO subscribes to it. Further thanked the participants for their involvement in the activity and welcomed the Board member to talk to the community.

Director community services Ms. Christine Ampaire who doubled as the DCDO – Mukono and Board member SSA-UHSNET in her speech cautioned people to be vigilant and observant of their health through good WASH practices. She wondered the irresponsibility of the population in the Management of garbage. She further requested the Local leaders together with the Technical staff at sub-county level to take charge of the training and sensitization on hygiene and sanitation good practices, however, she felt unhappy of the poor attendance of subcounty technical staff though they were invited.

Guest of Honour

On behalf of the District Chairperson. The secretary for health Ms Musenero Samali, thanked the cleaners and further appreciated MUMYO together with SSA-UHSNET for their wonderful contribution towards Water, Hygiene and Sanitation improvement. She begged the cleaners to implement such in other small towns within the district. After her speech she led the guests to the handing over of Kalagi Spring well constructed by MUMYO in partnership with SSA-UHSNET with funds from WE EFFECT.


  • Low turn up of the community to attend the cleaning sensitization activities.
  • Some tools were expensive compared to the budget allocation.
  • Some activities had no budget like the brooms, tracks for collect and transport garbage to the dumping sites.
  • Stealing of cleaning equipments and arrogance of some community members
  • Lack of garbage dumping places/sites


  • Community cleaning requires the full participation of the local leaders and business men.
  • For the successful implementation of the activity in an areas there is need to do situation analysis. This can assist in the budgeting.
  • There is need to have a bylaw about garbage management in Kalagi town.
  • There is need to have town owned dumping site.
  • The Health Assistants have a big job to train communities in WASH

Finally the activity was timely well organised the community and the Local Leaders requested for the replication in other towns of Mukono.


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