Lobbying and Advocacy

MUMYO recognizes the need to address the economic, social and cultural rights of the young people, men and women, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948).  The  young people have the right to enjoyment of the rights and freedoms, irrespective of race, sex, religion, political or other opinions.  The right to social, economic, political and cultural development with regard to their freedoms and identity and in equal enjoyment of the common heritage of mankind.

The young people have the right to be protected against all forms of discrimination, on the basis of status, activities, expressed opinions or beliefs and the right to be protected from economic exploitation or performing work that is likely to be hazardous.

The organization adopted a Rights-Based Approach to ensure that the marginalized social groups have access to essential services, such as, education, health care, water and sanitation. The specific activities for advocacy and lobbying include;

  • Advocating for increased accessibility to education and vocational skills by the orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)
  • Empowering the young men and women to know and claim their rights and hold duty bearers accountable on issues affecting them
  • Advocating for policy changes that affect the young men and women, such as, education, gender and land rights
  • Bringing to the attention of the Police and authorities any cases for human rights abuse, such, child abuse and domestic violence.

Working towards increased access to quality education, health care and employment opportunities