Housing and Settlements

Access to housing and a decent living environment is a fundamental factor for people working themselves out of poverty as it increases their security and reduces their vulnerability. The UN Declaration of Human rights recognises the right to housing as part of the right to an adequate standard of living. Adequate housing means it must be affordable, habitable, accessible, culturally appropriate and safe. Today, approximately one billion people lack access to housing solutions that meet these criteria, making it difficult to exercise other human rights such as health care, education, work and citizenship.


Enhancing Young People’s Access to Adequate Housing (EYPAH) Project

In partneship with We Effect, MUMYO is implementing a project, known as “Enhancing Young People’s Access to Adequate Housing Project (EYPAH), covering the Greater Mukono Region, including Mukono, Kayunga, Buikwe and Buvuma Districts.

Under this project, people are encouraged to advocate for the right to adequate housing using the cooperative housing model, where members of the cooperative build the houses at lower costs and the cooperative manages the houses and the living environment. MUMYO lobby those in power , demanding public housing subsidies, access to land, security of tenure and access to finance for the people in poorer  socio-economic conditions.


Hygiene and Sanitation Education

Sanitation and hygiene are fundamental to good health and make essential contributions to the quality of life and sustainable development including economic productivity, education and environmental protection. MUMYO ‘s hygiene awareness and promotion activities mainly focus on behavior change by communicating key hygiene practices, such as, boiling drinking water, hand wash and better methods of excreta disposal.

The youth are encouraged to be agents of change in their communities through life skills training and integrated sanitation and hygiene education in communities. MUMYO is a member of the Uganda Water and Sanitation NGO Network (UWASNET) and the Clean Up the World, Australia. Every year the organization mobilizes volunteers, including local leaders, school children, the community members to participate in the clean up the world campaigns.  Read more ..


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