Areas of Focus

The organization’s programs and activities are aimed at promoting sustainable livelihoods among the disadvantaged young men and women through;

  1. Lobbying and Advocacy
  2. Education
  3. Health care promotion among the youth at risk,
  4. Agriculture
  5. Environment .

Lobbying and Advocacy 

MUMYO recognizes the need to address the economic, social and cultural rights of the young people, men and women, in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) that every individual is entitled to all human rights and freedoms, without distinction of any kind, such as, race, sex colour, religion, political or other opinion or status. More info

Education and Skills Training 

Education is an indispensable prerequisite for the promotion of sustainable and fair development, as set out in Agenda 21 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, Rio de Janeiro, 1992. Education is a fundamental right, it is a key to sustainable development, peace and stability and an indispensable means for effective participation of people in social and economic development. The organization aims to promote increased access to education and employment opportunities among the underprivileged youth and children, especially in the rural areas by

  • Providing support for specific interventions in the education sector, such as, student sponsorship programs for children without means to finance their education.
  • Supporting adult and non-formal education programmes for school dropouts and adults at lower level of education to be able to play active roles in their families, communities and the nation at large.
  • Promoting and supporting vocational education so as to prepare a solid and skillful human resource for national development.
  • Supporting girls’ education programmes aimed at boosting the enrollment, retention and performance of girls in schools

Healthcare Promotion 

Health is a fundamental human right and a social goal worldwide. The young people need to be provided with an environment with minimum health risks and to get access to health care services that are sensitive and relevant to their particular ranging health and development needs. MUMYO‘s health related activities include:

  • Creation of awareness of the preventable and communicable diseases, especially those affecting young people.
  • Fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS/STDs among the youth and adults and providing information and counseling services against the endemic.
  • Advocating for improvement and extension of health services including immunization among children, safe water supply, malaria prevention and control, hygiene and environmental sanitation.

Sustainable Agriculture 

Agriculture plays a greater role in Uganda’ s economy. it employs over 70% of the country’s population, it contributes to food security, household incomes and economic growth. unfortunately, most people live in poverty and work in rural areas. Many are smallholder farmers who lack land and investment capacity, cultivate impoverished soils, have low productivity and poor access to the market. The smallholder farmers need to get access to knowledge, technical advice, land, affordable financial services and markets for increased productivity. The Sustainable Development Goal 2, aims at ending hunger, achieving food security and improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.

MUMYO helps youth and farmers in overcoming their production constraints on a sustainable basis through:

  • Training in organic farming, agro forestry, and environmental protection, for sustainable food productivity and poverty alleviation.
  • Increased access to improved farm inputs, crops and animals, technology and market related information.
  • Working with Government institutions, such as, the Uganda National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) Programme to enable farmers get access to advisory services, READ MORE  ……



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