Advocacy and Lobbying

The rapid growth of the HIV/AIDS virus in Africa and throughout the developing world has dramatically impacted the number of children who are newly becoming orphans. With parents dying at an alarming rate, children are left without food, shelter, education or protection. In Uganda, when a parent passes away, children are left with the family members. Unfortunately, most family members are unable to care for the orphans economically. These vulnerable children are often forced into lives of poverty, illiteracy, prostitution, child labour, drug abuse and heightened risk of HIV/AIDS.  Read more ……

HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Support

The HIV/AIDS pandemic is a development crisis in Africa, and Uganda in particular. It is estimated that 1.5 million people are infected with        HIV and cumulative deaths due AIDS are over 840,000. The epidemic has had far reaching consequences for individuals, families communities and the country as a whole. The most affected group are the youth between the age of 15-35 who are supposed to take on the future demands. Read more ……..

Housing and Settlements

Access to housing and a decent living environment is a fundamental factor for people working themselves out of poverty as it increases their security and reduces their vulnerability. The UN Declaration of Human rights recognizes the right to housing as part of the right to an adequate standard of living. Adequate housing means it must be affordable, habitable, accessible, culturally appropriate and safe. Today, approximately one billion people lack access to housing solutions that meet these criteria, making it difficult to exercise other human rights such as health care, education, work and citizenship.

In partneship with We Effect, MUMYO is implementing a project “Enhancing Young People’s Access to Adequate Housing Project (EYPAH), covering the Greater Mukono Region, including Mukono, Kayunga, Buikwe and Buvuma Districts. Read more ……..

Clean Energy

MUMYO, in partnership with ENVenture, has started on the Clean Energy Project aimed at increasing access to low cost lighting, cheaper and improved cooking technologies and water that is safe to drink. Under the partnership, ENVenture will help MUMYO to access a revolving loan and business development fellow to provide mentorship in launching the project, taking the business concept defined, repackaging and adapting to meet local needs Read more ….