MUMYO, in partnership with ENVenture, has started on the Clean Energy Project aimed at increasing access to low cost lighting, cheaper and improved cooking technologies and water that is safe to drink. Under the partnership, ENVenture will help MUMYO to access a revolving loan and business development fellow to provide mentorship in launching the project, taking the business concept defined, repackaging and adapting to meet local needs

In doing so, ENVenture aims to increase access to low cost lighting, energy efficient cooking and clean water that will improve health and sanitation, living standards and local environment, and cost-saving through money-saving opprtunities for local people.

Before the establishment of the project, it was necessary to fully understand the existing situation in the local area, to know peoples’ existing cooking, lighting and purifying preferences and aspirations for the future. There was need to

  • know the needs and circumstances of a diverse set of potential customers
  • know the current practices and expenses linked to energy use/access and water use/access
  • Find out the products most attractive to the customers and an understanding of their willingness/capacity to pay for such products.