The Ugandan Economy is dependant and dominated by agriculture. It accounts for 39% of the real GDP, 60% of export earnings and 80% of rural employment (BOU 2004). Of the population of over 27 million people (est. 2005), 85% live in the rural areas and mainly depend on agriculture for their livelihoods. Agriculture output comes almost exclusively from the approximately 3 million rural small holders. Most of them have less than 2 ha of land. Food crop dominates the agriculture sector, in terms of acreage accounting for over 92% of the land under Cultivation.

 Farmers’ Institutional Development

From 2004, MUMYO has been involved Farmers Institutional Development, a component of National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS) Programme. It was intended to put in place to redress shorting comings and to incorporate best practice features to make extension delivery systems more efficient and effective.

  • Establishing the existing farmer groups, their status and support them to meet the registration criteria.
  • Undertaking farmer group development through training in participatory planning and other areas.
  • Training group facilitators drawn from farmer groups, who will support farmer group development.
  • Educating stakeholders on NAADS
  • Monitoring and backstop the facilitators when they are training their fellow members.
  • Guiding farmer groups in enterprise selection as well as in identifying related constraints
  • Training farmer’s forum in participatory planning. Monitoring, evaluation and budgeting

The following achievements were registered

  • 66 farmers’ groups were formed in Nabbale sub-county and 18 bicycles were given to group mobilisers to facilitate their transport during mobilization.
  • For ease of mobilization, 6 megaphones were procured and distributed in Nabbaale sub-county.
  • 44 farmers’ groups were formed in Mukono Town Council and 18 bicycles were given out to group mobilizers for their transport