Who we are


A society with empowered young people, men and women, able to sustain self-reliance. .


To promote entrepreneurial skills development among the young people, women and men, through training and advocacy using human based  approach.

Overall Objectives

  1. To attain sustainable human livelihood for the disadvantaged communities in the greater Mukono region through social and economic empowerment.
  2. To develop and strengthen youth programs, leading to self-reliance, through training, micro enterprise schemes and exchange visits
  3. To advocate for increase access to and quality education both formal and non formal including child education and career guidance
  4. To promote adult functional literacy, vocational and apprenticeship schemes for youth and out of school, street children and youth with disabilities.
  5. To build the abilities of young people to participate effectively in development and decision making process through youth camps, workshops and conferences.
  6. To initiate and implement projects geared towards hunger and poverty alleviation, improved healthcare environmental protection for sustainable development


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